Paros Easter traditions – Good Friday

Greek Orthodox Easter has a number of interesting customs and traditions, such as the red painted eggs, the lent which ends with a meat feast including lamb on the spit.

Paros Easter traditions however, have some extra surprises for the visitors. In the villages of Marpissa, Prodromos and Marmara on the East side of the island, on Good Friday night the locals create a series of tableaux vivants (or motionless recreations) of the events of the Easter week. They start immediately after the procession of the Good Friday at about 10pm.Locals participate in these tableaux vivants, mostly children and the younger population. They are setting the stage in various spaces around the villages in the route of the Good Friday procession (epitafios).


As you can see in this case, the Jesus entrance in Jerusalem even features a very patient donkey!


The last supper is also featuring a number of local youths.


While Pontius Pilate is using a local terrace to deliver his verdict!


Peter and his cockerel. My personal favourite with the cockerel being the centre of attention! Unfortunately this is not a live animal…


Walking up the hill

Easter in Paros

Possibly one of the most impressive tableux

Easter in Paros

The last tableaux is the burial, because this is Good Friday and the resurrection has not occurred yet!

Each of the three villages stages its own set of tableaux vivants with the Marpissa one being the most popular. However if you want to avoid the large crowds, you can try going to the Prodromos ones.

Also keep in mind that the main street of Marpissa is closed to car traffic and you will need to park your car before the village and walk.

This is a late night event and the weather is not always so kind to these brave “actors”, sometimes it is windy sometimes it is also cold. But they are always there to celebrate Good Friday!