• Little visitor

     Our local beach is also the natural habitat of various sea creatures, including shrimps, sea urchins and little rock crabs like our little friend in this photo:

  • Mikri Santa is getting ready

     Mikri Santa Maria Beach is getting ready for the summer! It has a new wooden deck from the road to the beach It also has a new beach volleyball net, for the sporty types! But most of all it remains one of the best beaches in Paros:    

  • Gouna in the sun

        Gouna is a local Paros delicacy, a kind of mackerel fish. You will see these mackerels sprinkled with herbs and drying in the sun… ideally accompanied with the local variety of Ouzo, called Suma. Certainly worth trying!    

  • The happy octupi

     Villa Rodia has a marine themed room, complete with happy octupi!  These were made by local artisans Yria Ceramics

  • Mikri Santa Heaven

     Mikri Santa is our local beach… “Mikri” in greek means “small”, meaning that it is the “Small Santa Maria” beach, compared to the larger, main, Santa Maria beach nearby, where the surfers are.

  • Moody Ambelas

    Just 5 minutes away from Kallisti Villas, following the road south towards Drios, is Ambelas, a small fishing port with some very nice tavernas

  • Full moon

    What could be the most memorable part of your stay at Kallisti Villas? Sitting on your terrace, drinking chilled Paros wine and watching this:Full moon rising over Naxos port…